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About Our Turkeys

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Non-GMO, Free-Ranged Turkeys


What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving then to have the meats you share with your friends and family be the kind of meat you can also be thankful for.

We are proud to offer truly natural turkeys for your table from ranchers who care... for people who care!

It's all about providing the best quality, vacuum packed, no water added natural meats you can rely on and enjoy!

Please take the time to consider either a Heritage Turkey or a Broad-Breasted turkey from Blue Valley Meats for your Thankgiving or holiday celebrations this year.  

Thank you,
Blue Valley Meats team

Setting a Thanksgiving table with a local, free-ranged, non GMO Turkey is a value to you and your family that makes sense. For one day, you give special care to the table cloth, the guests, the stuffing... while for 180 days, we've been caring about the feed, the water, and the life and well-being of our birds. This year we have been raising a limited supply of Bourbon Reds, and Broad Breasted Turkeys on our ranch and with our neighbors.  These turkeys have been free-ranged, raised with care, and given quality non-GMO feed, with no antibiotics or hormones. Order online at 

Gift Certificates Available too.

Two Choices:

Heritage Turkeys $6.59/lb. 10-20+/lbs.
A cousin to a wild turkey, a Heritage Turkey still flies, roosts, and forages like a wild bird. It can mate, has a HUGE number of feathers and looks like a wild turkey too! It finds solace in the flock (with lots of strutting Toms trying to impress the ladies), and gets a safe place to bed at night away from the coyotes, and the occasional cougar along the river. On the table, it will present a lean, richly flavorful meat that bodes well in brines and moist cooking methods. Your family will enjoy this bird immensely. By giving it a place at your table, that will help insure it's place on the planet and the market for future generations to enjoy. 

Broad-Breasted Turkeys $4.99/lb. 10-20+/lbs.
These birds are noted for their larger size and extra proportions of white breast meat. Exercise, fresh air and room to roam, allow them to "stretch their wings" and build muscle without actually flying.  They are a more domesticated bird then the Heritage, but are an excellent selection for larger gatherings, and have a chance at leftovers for turkey sandwiches, casseroles and soups. 

Heritage & 

Broad-Breasted Turkeys $4.99/lb. 10-20+ lbs.
Heritage Turkeys $6.59/lb. 10-20+ lbs.

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